14 Karat

14K is a measurement describing a gold piece’s purity or gold karat weight. Pure gold, defined as 24 karats, can be easily scratched and bent. 14 karat gold is about 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% other metal alloys. These alloys make the gold stronger and more durable.  Our 14K gold jewelry features fine gemstones set in 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold. You will love our selection of 14K gold rings and 14k gold earrings. We offer a 14k gold bracelet and a matching 14K gold necklace! If you like moonstone jewelry, you will LOVE our 14K gold pendants featuring cat’s eye moonstones. They also possess the glimmer of diamonds and splashes of color from apatites or garnets! Feel free to contact us with any questions!