Many think of a pendant strictly as an ornament worn around the neck affixed to a necklace made from a metal chain or a cord of leather, cloth, etc. Some maintain a pendant can also be attached to an anklet, bracelet and even an earring. Regardless, at 100 East Fine Jewelry, when we talk about a pendant, we are strictly referring to an item affixed to a necklace. Once you own it, though, just like any of our colored gemstone jewelry, you can wear it any way you want!

Pendants date back to the Stone Age practice of wearing amulets, good luck charms granting protection for the owner and talismans, an object granting religious or magical powers to protect the person carrying it. Early man wore objects such as teeth, shells, etc, on cords around their necks which hung protectively in front of the body and near the heart. Throughout the ages, pendants grew in significance. They became larger, more detailed and commemorative, depicting animals, scenes and even deification of important leaders. They evolved into popular devotional and religious objects and the materials used to make them grew in importance as precious metals and gemstones were incorporated into the designs. Around the 16th century, these predecessors to pendants became decorative rather than protective or religious objects.

If you want something decorative to adorn a chain you already own, 100 East Fine Jewelry has a luxurious assortment of spectacular fine gemstone pendants from which to choose. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our pendants:

  • Each one features a central focus of color from vibrant colored gemstones, cultured pearls or fancy colored diamonds. We choose these gemstones for their vivid color, not their name! They can be popular gemstone varieties or less well known, as long as they’re an attractive and saturated hue! Most, but not all our pendants, are further embellished with sparkling colorless or near colorless diamonds as graded on GIA’s 4C’s of Diamond Quality scale.
  • Our gemstones are set in precious metals; one or more of 18Kt gold, 14Kt gold, platinum, or sterling silver.
  • Many of our pendants are considered designer wear, which means they’re fancy and expensive.
  • If you don’t already own the perfect chain, each of our pendants can be purchased as a necklace with a chain we selected to complement it. Search the navigation bar for "Pendants".

If you want to learn more about our fine gemstone jewelry pieces, feel free to set up an appointment with Gordon to discuss his design process or a particular pendant. You could also check out our education and resources page! From there you can learn about gemstone treatments, caring for or cleaning your jewelry and many other topics.

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