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Turquoise Gemstone: December Birthstone

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Turquoise Gemstone Education

What is the cultural importance of Turquoise?

Discovered by ancient Egyptians, turquoise was widely used in treasures fit for pharaohs. Old Europeans credited turquoise with helping achieve a higher state of consciousness. Tibetans revered the gemstone as a talisman (an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, thought to possess magic powers and bring good luck) of good fortune.

Native American Turquoise

Native American Indians used it as a shaman’s stone. A December birthstone, turquoise is a light to dark blue or blue-green gemstone. The finest color is an intense blue that is uniform throughout. Turquoise may contain narrow veins of its host rock, known as the matrix, sometimes in a web-like pattern. Turquoise is routinely enhanced to improve color and durability.

Credit: American Gem Trade Association

Zircon, A December Birthstone

Zircon History and SignificancePrized as a talisman (an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, thought to possess magic powers and bring good luck) since medieval times, Zircon was believed to clarify the mind, improve confidence and inspire the spirit. Among its many attributes, zircon was thought to bring wisdom, wealth and protection to those [...]

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Tanzanite, A December Birthstone

Tanzanite HistoryNo recent discovery has had a greater impact on the gemstone market than tanzanite, which we masterfully craft into tanzanite white gold jewelry by our certified gemologist. In 1967, a Portuguese prospector discovered tanzanite in Tanzania while looking for sapphire. Named and promoted by Tiffany, tanzanite rapidly won the public’s heart. A December birthstone, tanzanite [...]

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Cleaning Fine Gemstone Jewelry

Even the most beautiful jewelry can lose its sparkle, shine and luster as a result of plain old everyday living. The dust, dirt and grime from normal wear and handling can make your fabulous new ring, bracelet, or earrings look dull and lifeless. Contact with body oils, sweat, lotions, soap, cosmetics and air pollution leaves smudges, haze and scum on the metal and gemstones. [...]

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Caring For Fine Gemstone Jewelry

Fine gemstone jewelry is among the most cherished of accessories. If you’re like many people, you remember, like it was just yesterday, receiving your very first fine jewelry piece. The feeling is forever embedded in your memory! With proper care of your luxury gemstone jewelry, you can relive those moments for a lifetime and pass them along to future [...]

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What Is A Gemstone?

What qualifies as a "Gemstone"?Gemstones are either minerals or organic matter (the products of living or once-living organisms and biological processes) that have been cut, polished and fashioned for use in a jewelry piece. Pearls, amber (fossilized tree sap that must be at least 1 million years old), coral and ivory are the most well-known organic [...]

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Sunset inspired Montana-mined sapphire earrings

Designing and creating a piece of jewelry, for me, is not a rigid, linear process. By rigid, linear process, I mean, one in which I follow the same steps in the same order every time. If that was the case, my process would always look something like: miraculously summon up the perfect design idea, sketch the idea on paper, [...]

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Repairing Fine Gemstone Jewelry

If properly cared for, over time, fine luxury gemstone jewelry can become a treasured family heirloom. When a problem is found, you should immediately arrange for your jewelry to be repaired. Failure to do so could increase the cost of the repair dramatically. For example, suppose you have a 2 carat diamond in your ring and while [...]

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The 4 C’s of GIA’s Diamond Grading

What are GIA's 4 C's of Diamond Grading?Each diamond is unique and is a miracle of time, place and change. Gemstone value is based on a combination of features, sometimes called value factors. As with all gemstones, diamonds with certain qualities are more rare, and more valuable, than diamonds that lack them We select highly desirable natural diamonds for [...]

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What Are Colored Diamonds & How Are They Evaluated

Often, diamonds are only thought of in terms of colorless and near colorless stones. We may not be aware that diamonds come in a variety of colors, including yellows, pinks, reds, blues, greens as well as many others, making them perfect for our diamond and gold jewelry. Only one in every 10,000 gem quality diamonds possess [...]

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