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About Us





I am Gordon Weller, creator and owner of 100 East Fine Jewelry. Welcome to our website. I thought I’d share with you how, after a successful career in Corporate America, I decided to follow a passion I developed for creating jewelry which features colored gemstones.


As an executive of a large Fortune 500 company, my wife and I lived in the Netherlands and Thailand. While traveling Europe, I was introduced to diamonds during visits to the major diamond trading centers of Amsterdam and Antwerp. A few years later, while living in Bangkok, the global marketing center for sapphires and rubies, I became fascinated with colored gemstones. Over time, my interest in colored gemstones grew into a desire to learn about them. What gives them color? What’s the difference between one gemstone and another? Etc.


I began the education process by enrolling in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Colored Gemstone program. Through those studies, the idea of designing fine jewelry pieces featuring colored gemstones first entered my mind. With diamonds often playing a key role in fine jewelry design, I decided to take the next logical step of certifying as a Gemologist. Once completed, I began blending the newly acquired gemological knowledge with my engineering and MBA training and my practical business experience to create the 100 East and Sas E Gems fine jewelry brands, and to launch the 100 East Fine Jewelry online boutique.


While I marvel at the fire and scintillation of diamonds, my passion is colored gemstones. The variety of hues, tones and saturations of the colors along with the symbolism, emotion and message each color represents fascinates me. I’m amazed at how I can look at hundreds of colored gemstones before I find that one stone that grabs my attention and tells me it should be used in one of my jewelry pieces.


I find the design process exhilarating. To start with a blank piece of paper and some weeks later to end up with a miniature piece of art is tremendously gratifying. I create jewelry designs in two ways. Sometimes I start with a design concept. Often the genesis of the concept is something I saw in everyday life; a leaf, a flower, the scrollwork on a fence, etc. I will then travel the globe in search of the perfect colored gemstones to bring that design to life. Other times, I become captivated by a specific gemstone and let the stone tell me what the final design should be.


100 East Fine Jewelry is built upon two key philosophies. First, the store is online-only as I believe this is where the future of jewelry retail lies. Secondly, we pledge to maintain high standards of quality and customer service and to constantly strive to improve.


While I started the business myself, it wouldn’t exist without the advice, creativity, insights and fashion sense of my wife, Anne, and our three daughters, Amy, Allison and Erin. These four serve to inspire and contribute to the business processes through their individual expertise in art, education, finance, entrepreneurship and market research. Here we are:


Purchasing fine jewelry is serious business, but there is more to the buying experience than carats vs. karats. We want you to have a fun and enjoyable experience as you learn about our jewelry. To this end, our website blog and social media accounts serve to educate about gemstones and jewelry, and also to share stories about our travel adventures, life experiences and occasionally something that just strikes us as humorous.


I hope you enjoy browsing our carefully designed and masterfully crafted fine jewelry as much as I have enjoyed working to bring them to life. If you want to know more about a particular piece, feel free to contact me by clicking the gold bar to text, call me at 812-202-2143 or email me at

Gordon Weller, GIA GG







100 East Fine Jewelry is a fine jewelry boutique which sells ready-to-wear earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings for the most discerning customer under our two signature brands, 100 East Fine Jewelry and Sas E Gems Fine Jewelry. We also have limited offerings of jewelry items made by other jewelry-makers under Gordon's Curated Selection.


We design and manufacture one-of-a-kind and limited edition, high quality jewelry pieces using brilliantly-colored gemstones, meticulously set by hand in eye-catching designs. Each piece of jewelry and its components must meet our stringent quality standards before being offered for sale. We scrutinize each piece of jewelry at each step of the design, procurement and manufacturing processes to assure it looks outstanding and will wear well. In addition to our ready-to-wear jewelry, we offer limited custom design and manufacturing possibilities.







We believe each jewelry piece displays a woman’s personality, thus making your choice of jewelry an important personal decision. We emphasize design, color, style, precision and quality. We pay strict attention to detail at every step in the jewelry creation process. We choose gemstones for their color, which sometimes leads us to use less well-known, but stunningly colorful varieties. Our conflict-free diamonds possess great fire and brilliance. We use only precious metals.


We pore over the designs, materials and finished pieces to make sure you receive timeless yet modern jewelry you can wear with pride and confidence for any occasion.







At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we create individual pieces of art you’ll wear with pride. We take great care in maintaining the integrity of each of our two brands, 100 East Fine Jewelry and Sas E Gems Fine Jewelry, by creating designs with the proper blend of style, elegance and use of color.


We search the globe for the perfect colored gemstones to bring my design inspiration to life. Our colored gemstones are often uniquely cut to enhance their beauty, resulting in one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry pieces. Each of our branded jewelry pieces is custom manufactured by highly skilled goldsmiths located in the United States.


The combination of careful selection of gemstones and use of custom manufacture ensures each jewelry item is uniquely yours to enjoy.







We understand that shopping for fine jewelry over the internet can be confusing, and at times, downright intimidating. We are committed to take as much uncertainty out of your purchase decision as we can.


We provide honest, professional photos of each actual jewelry piece, intended to let you clearly see many of the intricate design details. While a photograph cannot always capture the true glimmer of the gemstones, it is our hope these photos help you see the beauty in each design and the impeccable quality in every element of our creations.


Each listing includes a product detail section in which we provide a significant amount of information, including the weight, dimensions, gemstone color and variety, treatments (if any), diamond rarity, metals quality and even special care of the piece.


If there are further questions about an item, we can be reached via text, email at or by phone. You are able to talk directly to the designer.


Between the photography, extensive information provided on each piece and conversations with the designer, much of the uncertainty can be removed from your shopping experience. However, once you receive the jewelry piece, if for any reason it’s not what you expected, you can return it to us within 30 days. Please refer to important details of our return and exchange policies and procedures in the Terms of Sale section of the website.






100 East Fine Jewelry is comprised of the following two brands:


  • 100 East Fine Jewelry - The 100 East brand is designed for a classic, yet modern look. We typically use highly sought-after varieties of colored gemstones as this brand's focal point. Diamond accent stones are used extensively and are carefully selected for high brilliance. The 100 East brand's diamonds typically are graded near-colorless and eye clean with very slight inclusions. We use mostly 18KT gold metals and the occasional use of platinum.

  • Sas E Gems Fine Jewelry - The Sas E (pronounced “sassy”) Gems brand is designed with fun and style in mind. When creating Sas E Gems jewelry pieces, colored gemstones are chosen for their beauty and color and are more readily available than those used in the 100 East brand. Diamond accents are used more sparingly or not at all in the SAS E Gems brand, but must still demonstrate high brilliance. The Sas E Gems brand diamonds are typically graded near-colorless with slight inclusions not affecting the diamond's transparency or brilliance. Our metal is primarily 14KT gold with the occasional use of sterling silver and vermeil.


Gordon's Curated Selection

We also offer pieces from other jewelry makers, which we identify as Gordon's Curated Selection jewelry. Each piece is carefully evaluated for inclusion in our portfolio of product offerings, but they may not follow the design criteria of either the Sas E Gems or 100 East brands. It is extremely important that you carefully read the Product Detail write-ups for each item so you can learn about the materials used and the overall makeup of the piece. 







While many jewelry retailers talk about quality, our 100 East and Sas E Gems branded jewelry products deliver exceptional quality. This is possible for 2 reasons. First, we’re a small business, which allows one person to follow a piece all the way from concept to finished product, thereby assuring the consistency of thought. Secondly, we limit the volume of finished jewelry pieces we produce each year to a number consistent with our high quality standards.


It’s the little things we do that make a difference. Once we acquire those few, special colored gemstones which caught our eye, each stone is painstakingly examined in our lab to assure it meets our strict requirements. The jewelry design phase also considers the type of wear each finished jewelry piece will experience.


Each small accent diamond is diligently tested, measured and sorted either by hand, machine or both to assure it meets the rigid criteria required for the finished design.


All of the carefully selected and evaluated components are then turned over to highly skilled goldsmiths who bring the design concept to life. These craftsmen cast and finish the metalwork, carefully set the gemstones and assemble each piece to our high standards.


Once a piece is completed, it is thoroughly and carefully reviewed down to the last detail.  We are proud of the quality of each piece of jewelry we create and are confident you will receive beautiful, unique pieces to be enjoyed for years to come.







At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we purchase diamonds through trusted suppliers who diligently adhere to and enforce the standards established by the Kimberley Process, an international system to police the trade of diamonds and ensure they are from sources free of conflict.







100 East Fine Jewelry’s diamonds meet strict quality standards using the GIA standardized grading scale (see the Education section; What are GIA’s Four C’s of Diamond Grading?). The diamonds set in our branded jewelry are carefully selected to meet the standards set for the particular brand. We normally specify natural, untreated diamonds that are graded as colorless or near-colorless (D–J GIA color grades) with clarity grades in the GIA VVS1-SI2 range and with, at minimum, a good cut grade. These standards apply to all our 100 East and Sas E Gems branded jewelry — even pieces with the smallest diamonds.


Fancy colored diamonds used in our jewelry are untreated natural diamonds selected for their color and overall appearance.


All black diamonds used in our jewelry are natural diamonds that have been treated to create the unique black color. It is common for black diamonds to reveal minor surface imperfections without magnification.


We extensively use small diamonds (those weighing 0.25 carats or less) as accent stones in our jewelry creations. All of our small round diamonds are full cut, meaning they have 57 or 58 facets, unless specifically identified as single cut (with 17 or 18 facets).


Diamonds of 0.25 carats or less represent the vast majority of the diamonds mined, cut and produced in the world. Because of the small physical size and high volume of these diamonds, it is not practical to be as precise when grading their color and clarity as it is with larger diamonds. Therefore, we always report color and sometimes clarity as a range of the GIA scale.


Color and clarity grading designations you will see for small diamonds used for our jewelry are:


Color Designation Comment
D-F Colorless; may be used in our jewelry
G-H Near colorless; extensively used in our jewelry
I-J Near colorless; slightly more color than G-H; may be used in our jewelry
K-Z Remainder of color designations; not routinely used in our branded jewelry


Clarity Designation Comment
IF-VVS Internally flawless to very, very slightly included; may be used in our jewelry
VS Very slightly included; extensively used in 100 East jewelry pieces. May be used in SAS E Gems pieces.
SI Slightly included; extensively used in Sas E Gems jewelry pieces. May be used in 100 East pieces
I Included; not routinely used in our branded jewelry







The most important factors we consider when selecting colored gemstones for our 100 East and Sas E Gems branded jewelry products are color, appeal and the stone’s pedigree. We carefully select gemstones with cuts and hues, tones and saturation which will create a unique and eye-catching look. This passion for color causes us to select popular gemstone varieties and species, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and garnet, but also often it leads us to less well known gemstones, such as peridot, spinel, sunstone or zircon.


All of our colored gemstones are natural gemstones, many of which receive commonly accepted treatments to enhance their color or improve their clarity. For your reference, in our Education section, we provide a listing of gemstones potentially used in our jewelry along with common treatments. More specifically, we disclose the actual treatments performed on the gemstones in the Product Detail information provided for each jewelry piece.


Industry-wide there is no standardized grading system for pearls. However, you will find information relating to pearls in our Education section. We may offer a variety of styles of cultured pearl jewelry at varying price ranges, including Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea cultured pearls.







We exclusively use precious metal (gold, silver and platinum) alloys for our jewelry.


As a lasting element found in nature, gold is very strong. It is also the most malleable of all precious metals and perfect for jewelry. We offer several colors and alloys including both 18k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold.


Platinum is enduring, strong and lasts a lifetime. We use at minimum 90% pure platinum alloys in our jewelry.


For jewelry that lasts, our silver pieces are crafted as 92.5% alloy sterling silver. This alloy has, over the centuries, been found to be the best combination of durability and shine, retaining the metal’s malleability and beauty for intricate and lasting designs.


We may occasionally offer vermeil, a precious metal combination created by electroplating a yellow gold alloy onto sterling silver. We use vermeil to provide yellow gold accents on a sterling silver jewelry item.


Learn more about these various metals by visiting our Education section.







The highly skilled craftsmen who cast and polish the metals, assemble the components and set the gemstones into our branded 100 East and Sas E Gems jewelry pieces are located in the United States.







Our website is available to you anytime 24/7 from your computer or mobile device.






While the website is accessible 24/7, we are normally available to take your inquiries Monday through Friday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm Central Time. We are also closed all major US holidays. We can be contacted via phone, text or email. If we’re not immediately available, we will get back with you at our earliest opportunity.