Mixed White and Yellow Gold

From the beginning of time until the 19thth century, gold was a single color - yellow. At that time, a method of creating white gold from yellow gold was formulated. It wasn’t until the 1920’s, though, that white gold began showing up in jewelry, when it started serving as a substitute for platinum. As had been the case for centuries, though, one just did not wear yellow gold jewelry along with platinum, silver or even the newlry created white gold jewelry. It just was not done!

Like many historic fashion “don’t’s”, it’s no longer scandalous to mix and match your yellow and white gold jewelry. In fact, it’s common today to find both yellow and white gold in the same jewelry piece. So, if you prefer completing your outfit by mixing together pieces of white and yellow gold jewelry, our pieces made with both yellow and white gold might be the accessory you’re looking for!

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