Cat’s Eye Moonstone, Apatite and Diamond Necklace (Pendant & Chain) in 14 KT White Gold

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The moonstone in this jewelry piece not only has an “unearthly glow" this gemstone is prized for, but this one is exceptional in that it has an added cat’s eye effect. The cat’s eye is a white line which crosses and moves around the body of the moonstone as the necklace moves. This necklace’s eye-catching design is amplified by two striking neon blue apatite stones and two nearly colorless diamonds.  A truly unique piece! Not only is this necklace beautiful, but with a chain that’s completely adjustable up to 22 inches in length, you’ll find it extremely practical. The pendant can be positioned so it lays exactly where you want to perfectly complete your look. NOTE: The pendant can be purchased separately if you already own the perfect chain. Look for item P-1C under the “Pendant” sort in the product menu.

Gordon’s Design Notes: In ancient times, moonstone was said to be formed from frozen moonbeams. This reference got me thinking of the solar system and the vastness of outer space. It is this cosmic concept that inspired the symbolic design of a far off solar system with a planet and circling moons.

Design Input: Amy

Price: $4200 NOTE: Already own the perfect chain? The pendant can be bought separately. Go to the PENDANTS sort and click on item P-1C.                                                         

Stock Number: N-1C                                       


Total carat weight (TCW) of necklace gemstones: 9.25 cts

Metal: 14 kt white gold

Metal Rhodium Treated?: Yes

Necklace (pendant and chain combined) weight (gms): 15.5 gms

Necklace wearable length (inches): completely adjustable up to 22 inches

Removable or integrated chain?: removable

Clasp style: lobster


Pendant height (top to bottom, including bale: 48 mm (approx. 1 7/8 inches)

Pendant width (maximum side to side): 14 mm (approx. 9/16 inch)

Pendant thickness (maximum front to back): 7 mm (approx. ¼ inch)

Bale opening dimensions (approx.): 3 mm X 6 mm

Pendant metal: 14 kt white gold

Pendant rhodium treated?: Yes

Pendant weight (gms): 8.6 gms

Total carat weight (TCW) of pendant gemstones: 9.25 cts


Chain style, length and thickness: removable; completely adjustable up to 22 inches; 1.5 mm thick; wheat (Spiga) style chain

Chain Metal: 14 kt white gold

Chain Rhodium Treated? Yes

Chain weight: 6.9 gms

Chain contains gemstones?: No


Species or variety of colored stones: Cat’s Eye Moonstone

Color: light gray with a white cat’s eye

Number of moonstones: 1 piece

Shape: oval

Treatments/enhancements: none

Total carat weight (TCW) of moonstone: 8.97 cts


Species or variety of colored stones: Apatite

Color: neon greenish blue

Number of colored stones: 2 pieces

Shape: round

Treatments/enhancements: none

Total carat weight (TCW) of apatites: 0.08 cts


Number of diamonds: 2 pieces

Shape: round

Average color and rating: GH (near colorless)

Clarity range: VS1

Average clarity rating: VS1

Treatments/enhancements: none

Total carat weight of diamonds (DCW): 0.20 cts

When dressing, fine jewelry should always be the last item put on and the first item taken off to minimize the gemstones coming into contact with perfume, lotions, hair products, etc.
Care Continued:
Protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. All gemstones, including diamonds, can chip, scratch, or abrade under the right circumstances.
Care specifics:
Moonstone is particularly vulnerable to hard blows, so it should be worn with care. Apatite is rather fragile compared to most gemstones. Care for apatite should be similar to that of moonstone.
Care Specifics Continued:
Apatite is sensitive to heat and shock, so the use of steamers and ultrasonic cleaners should always be avoided.
Care Specifics Continued:
With wear, rhodium plating can thin to the point where a yellowish tinge may show through. Periodic re-coating with rhodium will revive the original bright white color. Re-plating does not damage the gemstones.
The best method for cleaning all your jewelry is to soak each item in a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle dish washing liquid followed by a very light cleaning with a soft child’s toothbrush.
Cleaning Continued:
Place the item(s) in a fine mesh strainer and rinse to remove the soap. Gently place each item on a lint-free cloth and softly pat them dry. See the Care and Cleaning Section of the Website for a more detailed explanation.

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