Moonstone is a transparent to semi-transparent to opaque gemstone with a body color that is typically colorless to white, but can also be green, peach, pink, yellow to brown, or gray to nearly black. It's best known and valued for a phenomenon it exhibits known as adularescence, an opalescent shimmer of light that appears to billow across the surface of the gemstone’s body, giving it a special glow. Moonstone sometimes also shows another phenomenon known as a cat’s-eye effect; a white line which moves along the surface of the gemstone as the light source or the gemstone moves. Moonstone is most commonly cut as a cabochon, a shape that displays the color and shimmer of its adularescence and cat’s eye effect well. 

Moonstone can be an elegant and affordable addition to any collection, fitting nicely into our Sas E Gems brand. To learn more about moonstone, or any of our gemstones, including their history and lore, visit our education and resources page.  Moonstone is one of three June birthstones, along with alexandrite and pearl.