Oregon Sunstone

At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we select colored gemstones based on their beauty, not their popularity. One outstanding gemstone we find highly attractive and worthy of use in our jewelry is Oregon sunstone. Many varieties of sunstone exist, some of which exhibit aventurescence, a glittery effect as light moves across the stone caused by inclusions of hematite, copper, or some other mineral inside the gemstone. Whether or not sunstone exhibits aventurescence is dependent on the size of the mineral inclusions.

As you would guess, Oregon sunstone, is found in the US state of Oregon. It’s a transparent feldspar containing copper inclusions, but only infrequently displays aventurescence. It comes colorless as well as in a wide variety of colors including pale yellow, pink (with brilliant aventurescence), orange, red, green, and blue-green. We are infatuated with the red Oregon sunstone, whose vivid hues rival spinel or even ruby. Such a beautiful stone is perfect for creating luxury jewelry fit for a queen!

To learn more about sunstone visit our Education and Resources page. There you can learn about gemstones and their treatments, caring for your jewelry, cleaning fine jewelry and much more.

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