Dating as far back as 5000 BCE Egypt, bracelets have adorned the wrists and arms of women. Over the millenia, bracelets have changed and evolved to the point where they come in untold styles with a confusing array of names and are made from just about any material imaginable. At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we’ve simplified things by narrowing the options down to only fine jewelry bracelets as follows:

  • All our bracelets feature vibrant colored gemstones or lustrous cultured pearls (cultured pearl is technically a gemstone). Many, but not all, also contain diamonds.
  • Our gemstones are set in precious metals; one or more of 18Kt gold, 14Kt gold, platinum, or sterling silver.
  • Our primary bracelet styles are: 
    • line bracelets. This style might also be called link bracelets, tennis bracelets, gemstone bracelets or birthstone bracelets.
    • pearl bracelets. This style might also be called gemstone beaded bracelets or beaded bracelets.
  • Our bracelets are considered designer wear, which means they're fancy and expensive.

Spoil yourself! Check out our exquisite bracelets. Want to learn more about gemstones, metal types or anything else about our fine jewelry? Check out our education and resources page! From there you can also learn about jewelry care and jewelry cleaning, as well as many other topics.


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