Cultured Tahitian

Cultured Tahitian Pearls are often referred to as black pearls. However, they actually range in color from light to dark gray, often with overtones of green, blue and purple. These saltwater cultured pearls are farmed primarily in Tahiti, ranging in size from 8 mm to 16 mm, with 8 mm to 10 mm most popular. It takes 1.5 to 2 years to grow a Tahitian cultured pearl.

The naturally beautiful dark colors of cultured Tahitian pearls is unmatched by other black and gray pearls, which are often dyed. This makes cultured Tahitian pearls more rare and valuable. I find cultured Tahitian pearls to be stunning additions to any jewelry collection. They add to almost any jewelry piece, whether it’s worn for casual or formal occasions. I currently rely on designers who specialize in Tahitian pearl jewelry to create items to sell on the 100 East Fine Jewelry website. They can be found on the Gordon’s Curated Selections website page.

The single most important phrase to remember when caring for pearl jewelry is: “last on – first off”. This means that you should put your pearl jewelry (actually any jewelry) on last, that is, after you’ve applied all your make-up, perfumes and other sprays. At the end of the evening, your pearl and other jewelry should be first off, that is, removed before pulling off clothing, washing yourself, etc. To learn more about cultured pearls, or any of our gemstones, visit our education and resources page.

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