Spinel produced some exceptional gemstones throughout history, yet until recently, wasn’t recognized for its beauty and value by the general public. From ancient times until the creation of the modern science of gemology, spinel was often mistaken for more well-known gemstones, primarily ruby and sapphire. Today’s consumer is more attuned to the beauty of fine quality spinel; considering it worthy of use in modern jewelry on its own merit.

While spinel comes in a wealth of colors including intense red, vibrant pink, orange, purple, violet, yellow, brown, green, blue, bluish green and black, a few spinel colors are more valuable and important to the trade than others. In general, vivid red is the most valued color, followed by fine cobalt-blue, then vibrant pink to lavender stones. The most highly valued of the blue spinel colors parallel those of blue sapphire. Gray spinel has, quite recently, been gaining fans in today’s gem market.

Spinel was only recently added as a second August birthstone. To learn more about spinel, any of our other gemstones or how to care for jewelry or clean fine jewelry visit our education and resources page.

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