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  • Post & Friction Backs; Black Opals 1.54 cts; Diamonds 0.27 cts - details below
  • Post & Friction Backs; Black Opals 1.54 cts; Diamonds 0.27 cts - details below
  • Post & Friction Backs; Black Opals 1.54 cts; Diamonds 0.27 cts - details below
  • Post & Friction Backs; Black Opals 1.54 cts; Diamonds 0.27 cts - details below

Black Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings in 14 kt White Gold


Product Description

A fine opal’s beauty is elusive and challenging to capture in words. Precious opal’s unique display of flashing rainbow colors, called play-of-color, have captured the imagination for centuries. Writers have compared opals to volcanoes, galaxies and fireworks. You’ll be captivated by the beauty of these petite black opal and diamond stud earrings in 14 kt white gold. The medium dark blue background color with flashes of neon blue and green play-of-color as the earrings move is simply spellbinding! The dazzle of the near colorless diamonds adds to the allure! 

The jewelry industry categorizes precious opals, those with play-of-color, into two categories (white opal and black opal), based on its background color (the base or body color of the opal exclusive of its play-of-color). White opals, the most common of the precious opals, display background colors of white or pale yellow or brown. Black opals, the more rare of the two, display background colors of black, very dark grey, blue, green or brown.

Gordon’s Design Notes: I’ve long held an interest in precious opal gemstones, but wanted to focus my design efforts on transparent gemstones. I had the good fortune to meet John Ford, the award winning black opal jewelry designer, at an AGTA GemFair show where he was displaying some of his black opal jewelry pieces from his Lightning Ridge Collection by John Ford. As we talked, I decided offering one of his pieces on my website would create a couple interesting possibilities. First, it would expand my offerings to include precious opal and second, it would serve as a test to help determine if I should offer more of John’s pieces in the future. 

Price: $2200       

Stock Number: E-10


Shape: oval

Metal: 14 kt white gold

Rhodium Treated?: yes

Length (top to bottom): 10 mm (approx. 3/8 inch)

Width (maximum side to side): 8 mm (approx. 5/16 inch)

Deep (maximum front to back): 4.5 mm (approx. 3/16 inch)

Type: Stud earrings with a post and friction back

Piece weight (gms): 2.6 gms

Total carat weight (TCW) piece: 1.81 cts


Species or variety of colored stones: black opal

Color: medium dark blue with neon blue and green play of color

Number of colored stones: 2

Shape: ovals

Treatments/enhancements: none

Total carat weight (TCW) of colored stones: 1.54 cts


Number of diamonds: 40 pieces

Shape: round

Average color and rating: GH

Clarity range: VS1-VS2

Average clarity rating: VS1

Treatments/enhancements: none

Total carat weight of diamonds (DCW): 0.27 cts

Other Details

Protect all your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. All gemstones, including diamonds, can chip, scratch, or abrade under the right circumstances. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaners.
Care Specifics:
Opal is a soft stone. To reduce the chances of scratching, they should be stored separately from each other in a hard case of softer material like velvet, felt or silk. In a humid environment, opals should absorb enough moisture from the air.
Care Specifics Continued:
Like pearls it helps to wear them! If you live in a very dry environment, or one with prolonged exposure to artificial heat you may want to keep a glass of water close by to where you store your opal jewelry.
Care Specifics Continued:
With wear, rhodium plating can thin to the point where a yellowish tinge may show through. Periodic re-coating with rhodium will revive the original bright white color. Re-plating does not damage the gemstones.
Cleaning Instructions::
Use a soft cloth to clean your opal jewelry after taking it off. The best method for cleaning all jewelry is to soak each item in a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle dish washing liquid followed by a very light cleaning with a soft child’s toothbr
Cleaning Instructions Continued::
Place the items in a fine mesh strainer and rinse to remove the soap. Gently place each item on a lint-free cloth and lightly pat them to remove excess water. Let them air dry.