White and Yellow Gold Rings

For centuries, social convention dictated it was unacceptable to wear separate fine jewelry pieces each made of different colored precious metals. Wearing a yellow gold piece of jewelry with another made of sterling silver or platinum just wasn’t considered in good taste. Eventually, the stigma was broken and today it’s common practice to mix jewelry pieces made of different metal colors. However, jewelry fashion didn’t stop evolving with that breakthrough! Today, it’s all about creativity, smashing barriers and setting new fashion standards, like 100 East Fine Jewelry’s mixed white and yellow gold cocktail rings. This more modern jewelry construct encourages mixing and matching metal colors within the same piece, facilitating today’s fashion conscious women in taking their creatively to new levels! Our opulent white and yellow gold cocktail rings feature exquisite hand-picked colored gemstones and diamonds meticulously set in either 14 Kt or 18 Kt gold. Our fine gemstone jewelry features both popular and less well known colored gemstones we choose for their exquisite color, not their name!

If you want to learn more about gemstones, metal types or anything else about our fine jewelry, check out our education and resources page! From there you can also learn about jewelry care and jewelry cleaning, as well as many other topics.

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