14K Gold Necklace

Our Sas E Gems brand is built on a foundation of 14 Kt gold settings intended to display the spectacular colored gemstones for which the brand is known. We chose the 14 Kt gold alloy for the brand because it’s durability, lower cost for equivalent items and glimmering gold beauty are a perfect fit for fine jewelry designed for everyday wear. Some items offered in the Gordon’s Curated Selection brand are also made with 14 Kt gold.

We offer two primary styles of necklace. One is a strand necklace, where the gemstones or beads are strung together and worn as a single piece. The other is a pendant and separate chain style necklace. While both are quite stunning, the pendant and chain style has an advantage in that if you already own a perfect chain, you can purchase the pendant separately. Look in the pendant section of the navigation bar.

Care to learn more about one of our 14 Kt gold necklaces? Visit our education and resources page or set up an appointment with Gordon to discuss your questions!