Stand out in any crowd with one of our exquisitely designed fine jewelry rings! When shopping for women’s rings, it’s almost impossible to avoid the category of engagement rings. We do not design rings specifically for those of you who are getting engaged or married. Nor do we offer wedding bands. While it’s true all our rings features diamonds and/or colored gemstones, that’s where our commonality with engagement rings begins and ends. To reinforce this point, you’ll not find the most common style of engagement ring, the solitaire, among our offerings. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in our rings:

  • All our rings feature vibrant colored gemstones and/or lustrous pearls (pearl is technically a gemstone). Many, but not all our rings, also contain diamonds.
  • Our gemstones are set in precious metals; one or more of 18Kt gold, 14Kt gold, platinum, or sterling silver.
  • Our rings are considered designer wear, which means they are fancy and expensive.

Our primary ring design style is the cocktail ring. This style has a number of different name variations, including dinner rings, fashion rings, right-hand rings, cluster rings and even promise rings. They can also be considered birthstone rings. All our cocktail rings include elements and combinations of the following design aspects:

  • Modern – they’re designed purely to express the wearer’s fashion style with eye-catching color or unique shapes as the focal point.
  • Timeless – think of a contemporary take on vintage rings with intricately detailed filigree patterns embellished with Milgrain.
  • Stylish – we add as much sizzle as possible with pave-set accent diamonds prominently located within the design.
  • Nature loving – designs often are inspired by nature, such as leaves and flowers.

One advantage of our design style is that even though we don’t set out to design engagement rings, many of the rings we design can be quite beautiful as non-traditional engagement rings. The setting styles we use in our cocktail rings which translate into non-traditional engagement rings include:

  • Halo setting - This setting features a central diamond or colored gemstone surrounded by a single circle of beautiful smaller diamonds or colored gemstones.
  • Double halo setting – A second circle of smaller diamonds or colored gemstones surround the first circle of a halo setting.
  • Swirl setting – The ring’s shank (aka band) doesn’t connect with the center stone from each side like most rings. Instead, one side of the shank connects with the top side of the center stone and the other connects with the bottom side of the center stone giving the appearance that the metal is swirling around the stone. This appearance of movement makes this style setting stand out.
  • Cathedral setting - The center gemstone sits upon a metal pedestal of sorts that rises upward from the shank (aka band), reminiscent of the lovely arches in ceilings and doorways of Gothic-style cathedrals.
  • Shank and split shank setting - The shank (aka band) splits into two pieces as it approaches each side of the center stone, creating small V-shaped gaps. The split sections of the shank can either remain as pure metal or be set with pavé diamonds.

Check out how these design and setting elements came together in the lovely array of 100 East Fine Jewelry rings, as seen below. If you want to learn more about gemstones, metal types or anything else about our fine jewelry, check out our education and resources page! From there you can also learn about jewelry care and jewelry cleaning, as well as many other topics.