Make a bold fashion statement with luxurious one-of-a-kind fine gemstone jewelry from 100 East Fine Jewelry! All our gemstones are formed naturally in the earth; not by man in a lab! Our designer, Gordon, travels the world, hand selecting the perfect colored gemstones to bring each design idea to life. There’s one final question he asks when sourcing colored gemstones; “Is the color vibrant enough to stand out and add to the grandeur of the piece?” If he can answer ‘yes’ to that question, the stone is selected. Gordon is more interested in creating an alluring work of jewelry art than the variety of gemstone used. Some designers work exclusively with the big 4 gemstones, diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby. Gordon will work with those and any lesser known, but still strikingly beautiful variety, as long as it fulfills his desire to create a piece of jewelry that will stand out in a crowd! That singular focus on a stone’s beauty results in his use of such varieties as fancy colored diamondstourmaline, spinel, garnet, tanzanite, Oregon sunstone and many more.

When it comes to colorless diamonds, Gordon has minimum requirements for GIA standard scale color, clarity and cut that suppliers must meet. However, what really separates the diamonds he selects is their brilliance! The way they sparkle and add a certain “razzle dazzle” to the finished jewelry piece is what ultimately results in inclusion in his designs.

If you’re asking yourself, what is a gemstone,” check out our education and resources page! From there you can also learn about the gemstones used in our jewelry, gemstone treatments performed on those gemstones and much more.

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