Sapphire And Diamond Line Bracelet In 18 KT White Gold

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Six deep blue sapphires, with a stunning hue reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean, are set in heavy white gold and connected by multitudes of brilliantly opulent diamonds. A truly luxurious and timeless classic bracelet that is destined to be appreciated for generations to come. Purchase this elegant and sophisticated blue sapphire bracelet with the confidence that it will fit after reading our post about measuring your wrist and determining ideal bracelet length!

Gordon’s Design Notes: "My 6 year old (at the time) granddaughter, Sophie, wanted to help design a few jewelry pieces. On a little hotel note pad, she began drawing ideas for various items, spelling out the color of the gemstones I should use in a particular bracelet. She wanted multiple colors for the gemstones. I asked if, instead, could I make the bracelet with just her favorite color? She said blue (blaw) ones would be fine. I also asked how many blue gemstones should I put in the bracelet? She said that she was 6 years old, so she’d like 6 blue gemstones. I saved that sketch to use when buying gemstones from one of my Thailand suppliers. She recommended a matched set of exceptional blue sapphires she had to offer. I turned those beautiful sapphires into this magnificent Sophie Bracelet."                                                                       

Design Concept: Sophie                                                                                                                      

Price: $25,500

Stock Number: B-6


Wearable Length: 7 1/4 inches (approx. 184 mm)

Not sure of your ideal bracelet length? Click here to learn how. 

Resizing: Not possible

Metal: 18 kt white gold

Rhodium Treated?: No

Bracelet Style: Line

Closure Style: Hidden box clasp with figure 8 safety wire

Width (maximum): 12 mm (approx. 7/16 inch)

Thickness (maximum): 5 mm (approx. 3/16 inch)

Piece weight (gms): 41.4 gms

Total carat weight (TCW) piece: 11.63 cts


Species or variety of colored stones: Sapphires

Color: Blue

Number of colored stones: 6 pieces

Shape: Oval

Treatments/enhancements: Heat

Total carat weight (TCW) of colored stones: 6.12 cts


Number of diamonds: 90 pieces

Shape: Round

Average color and rating: GH (near colorless)

Clarity range: VS1-SI1

Average clarity rating: VS

Treatments/enhancements: None

Total carat weight of diamonds (DCW): 5.51 cts

When dressing, fine jewelry should always be the last item put on and the first item taken off to minimize the gemstones coming into contact with perfume, lotions, hair products, etc.
Care Continued:
Protect your jewelry from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. All gemstones, including diamonds, can chip, scratch, or abrade under the right circumstances.
The best method for cleaning all your jewelry is to soak each item in a mixture of lukewarm water and gentle dish washing liquid followed by a very light cleaning with a soft child’s toothbrush.
Cleaning Instructions (cont’d)::
Place the item(s) in a fine mesh strainer and rinse to remove the soap. Gently place each item on a lint-free cloth and softly pat them dry. See the Care and Cleaning Section of the Website for a more detailed explanation.

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