14 Karat Gold Gemstone Jewelry

Karat (abbreviated as K or KT) is a depiction of the amount of pure gold contained in a gold alloy. Pure gold by definition is 24 karats. Pure gold is easily scratched and bent. 14 karat gold is an alloy consisting of 14/24ths pure gold (about 58.5%) and 41.5% other metals (copper, silver, etc). This alloy makes the metal stronger and more durable than pure gold. Also, jewelry made with 14 Kt gold is more affordable, since the alloy contains less gold than identical 18 Kt or 24 Kt gold items.

All 100 East Fine Jewelry’s Sas E Gems brand jewelry pieces and some Gordon's Curated Selection items feature luxurious 14 Kt gold or sterling silver jewelry. They also showcase hand-selected and appealing natural colored gemstones or fancy colored diamonds. Most, but not all these pieces are further embellished with sparkling diamonds graded as colorless or near colorless on the GIA 4C’s of Diamond Quality scale. Highly skilled goldsmiths located in the United States craft these components into special pieces of jewelry to be cherished by you and future generations.

If you want to learn more about our fine gemstone jewelry pieces, feel free to set up an appointment with Gordon to discuss his design process or a particular piece of 14 Kt  gold jewelry. You can also check out our education and resources page, where you'll learn about precious metals, gemstone treatments, caring for or cleaning your jewelry and many other topics.

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