White Gold

Gold in its natural state is yellow. White gold is created by adding whitening alloy metals, such as nickel, manganese, or palladium to the yellow gold to produce a soft white hue. White gold jewelry is also frequently plated in rhodium, a white precious metal from the platinum family, which gives it an extremely high silvery white sheen. At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we’ve elected at times not to coat our white gold pieces with rhodium. In those cases we felt the softer tone of the untreated white gold added to the aesthetics of the piece. At other times, we felt the higher sheen finish of rhodium better represented the design concept. To determine if one of our white gold pieces received rhodium treatment, do as follows:

  • Hover over a product photo. There's an option of adding to your cart or following an eye icon to the Product Detail page. Follow the eye icon.
  • On the Product Detail page, scroll down to the ITEM INFORMATION heading. (Instead of the word "ITEM", it would say "Ring" Information, "Bracelet" Information, etc).
  • Scroll down the Item Information section to “Metal rhodium treated?”. This will tell you “Yes” or “No” if the white gold is rhodium treated.

All our jewelry pieces feature exquisite colored gemstones, often engulfed in a sea of near colorless diamonds. If you want to learn more about gemstones, precious metals or anything else about our jewelry, go to our education and resources page! From there you can also learn about jewelry care and cleaning, as well as many other topics.

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