What metals does 100 East Fine Jewelry use for our jewelry?

Published by Gordon Weller GIA GG on 12th Dec 2018

At 100 East Fine Jewelry, we insist upon using precious metal alloys when creating our masterpieces. Precious metal alloys exclusively used to manufacture our jewelry are gold, sterling silver and vermeil. Another precious metal, rhodium, is plated onto many of our white gold jewelry pieces and occasionally on our sterling silver items. Rhodium is used on white gold to cover any tinge of yellow which remains from the natural gold color and to reduce the potential for allergic reactions to zinc which is often used to create white gold. Rhodium gives white gold items an ultra-white, chrome-like finish and accepts colors, like black, very well to give a trendy look when plated onto a sterling silver or gold jewelry piece. Platinum alloys may also be used in our jewelry, but we currently don't have any for purchase. We, like the vast majority of jewelers, prefer precious metal alloys, (sterling silver14kt gold and 18kt gold) over pure gold or silver for our jewelry because they're far superior at withstanding the rigors of everyday wear. 

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