100 East Fine Jewelry’s diamonds are meticulously hand selected by GIA certified gemologist, Gordon Weller, to assure we use only those of exceptional color and clarity. We ‘sweat the details’ when it comes to assuring our diamonds meet our unwavering standards for diamond quality. We use only natural, untreated diamonds graded as colorless or near-colorless with clarity grades in the VVS1-SI2 range as measured on GIA's standardized 4C’s grading scale. Beyond color and clarity, we carefully evaluate the cut to make sure our diamonds possess extraordinary sparkle and fire.

Except for black diamonds, fancy colored diamonds we use are untreated natural diamonds selected for their vibrancy of color and overall appearance. We select only colored diamonds which display exceptional beauty. Our black diamonds are natural, but are treated to create the unique black color. Because of the color treatment, it’s common for black diamonds to display minor surface imperfections without magnification.

The vast majority of our jewelry pieces contain diamonds, regardless of brand. Our 100 East Fine Jewelry brand uses diamonds extensively. The Sas E Gems and Gordon’s Curated Selections brands typically use fewer numbers of diamonds and in a few instances may use no diamonds at all. Despite the fact that diamonds are the hardest material on earth, 58 times harder than anything else in nature, care should be taken in handling diamond jewelry. To learn more about diamonds, our other gemstones or how to care for jewelry visit our education and resources page. Diamond is also the April birthstone.

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