The name ruby is derived from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red. No other red gemstone compares to the intense, rich hues of fine ruby. Its fiery redcolor is closely linked to the heart and deep love. Being the color of blood, ruby also symbolizes great courage. One of the most coveted of gems, ruby is one of the big 4 of gemstones, joining diamond, sapphire and emerald. Ruby and sapphire are part of the same mineral species, corundum. Ruby and sapphire, are among the hardest of all gems, second only to diamond. Ruby’s durability and hardness makes it ideal for all types of jewelry, especially rings and bracelets. 

Ruby comes in just one hue, red. Ruby’s color range runs from orangy red to pure red through to strongly purplish red in medium to dark tones. Ruby can command the highest prices of any colored gemstone, with the per-carat prices of fine-quality gemstones repeatedly breaking auction records.

Perfect rubies are rarely found in nature, which means most are treated in some manner. Coming out of the ground, ruby is routinely enhanced by traditional heating methods to improve both its clarity and color. 100 East Fine Jewelry along with other reputable dealers disclose any and all gemstone treatments to customers before purchase, so they can make an informed decision.

Ruby is the July birthstone. To learn more about ruby, visit our Education and Resources page. There you can learn about gemstones, caring for your jewelry, cleaning fine jewelry and much more.

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